Our Beach Vacation

7:08 PM

Gleaming sun, sounds of crashing waves, salty air and grains of sand are perfect layout for a wonderful nature exploration for kids.  Our vacation mainly consisted of unstructured wander walks where we engaged all of our five senses to explore the wonders of nature.  One benefit of having kids that are early-birds, we were able to catch the sunrise every morning while on vacation.  Watching the sunrise was breathtaking for all of us.  As the darkness of night was coming to an end and the rays of sunshine glowed, Cici and Kole were overjoyed playing and enjoying the God's masterpiece.  

Their faces lit up with glee

During our wander we found various coastal wildlife that live in Volusia County.  One in particular was a ghost crab (pictured below).  Right away, Cici's curiosity skyrocketed.  "What kind of crab is it?  Where does it live? What does it eat?  Is it a boy or a girl?  All these questions opened an opportunity for our future lessons about coastal wildlife.  

We had a wonderful guide of coastal wildlife that reside in Volusia County.

One activity that we did few times a day was shell collecting.  During quiet times in the condo, Cici played and examined her shell collection.  

In the upcoming weeks we will work on activities based on Florida coastal wildlife.  Have a great weekend!

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